San Pasqual Valley Ranch


San Pasqual Valley Ranch offers lessons and training for everyone - "from beginners to winners."

For beginner riders, we can teach you the fundamentals of riding a horse so that you feel comfortable and safe. Depending on your experience level, our lessons can be conducted in any one of our five arenas or in one of our smaller round pens. The key is teaching you to ride in an environment that is safe for you and where you feel safe. We can provide you lessons using your own horse or one of ours.

For those of you with more riding experience, we can not only help you improve your own skills but also help you improve your communication with your horse. Tell us what you want and we will assist you in achieving your goal.

For western riders looking for more action, we provide training for team roping, team penning, ranch sorting, calf roping, cutting and barrel racing. We can get you started or help you get to the next level of performance. For those who are just starting out, try one of our "Four Step Programs" to learn the basics and get where you want to be. For example, our "Four Step Roping Program" consists of four easy steps that produce dramatic results!

  • Step 1: Work on the roping stand to learn to swing a rope and perfect your loop
  • Step 2: Work on our unique "horse & dummy" setup that gives you the "look" of roping a steer from horseback
  • Step 3: Work from horseback in the arena with our mechanical steer that allows you to rate, rope and dally - you can even practice heeling on him
  • Step 4: Rope live steers in our arena
Or try our "Four Step Penning Program" which will help you understand what is required to work with cattle and which produces equally dramatic results. The "Four Step Penning Program" includes:

  • Step 1: Learn general skills for working cattle
  • Step 2: Improve those general skills by cutting and working one or two head
  • Step 3: Build on your skills by sorting through ten head of cattle
  • Step 4: Actual penning in the arena with two other riders and 30 head of cattle

For English riders, we offer basic lessons in hunter/jumper and dressage as well as periodic weeklong "kid's camps" for those who just want to get started.

For your horse, we offer training that ranges from starting young horses to finishing and tuning seasoned horses. As a rider, you can only do what your horse knows to do. If you don't have the knowledge or skill to train your horse to do what you want, let someone who does have the knowledge and skill do it for you. Don't let your own aspirations as a rider be limited by your horse's performance limitations. Give your horse the training that he needs.


San Pasqual Valley Ranch
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